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Often your utilities for water, electricity, gas, oil and cables for data & telecommunication are underground (subsoil).

Every year about 20% of all excavation work to roads or construction works causes damage to these utilities. This means a direct cost of billions of dollars every year. Using BlindGuide AR maps can prevent this excavation damage quickly and easily.

BlindGuide AR Maps App:

With the BlindGuide AR Maps App, you can view geo-data from GIS and CAD drawings. View these utilities in augmented reality on the screen of your tablet or smartphone screen. Determine where you are with your GPS position and locate the utilities, ducts and other geospatial data that should lie subsoil and avoid damage.

Multi purpose

Next to utilities and ducts the BlindGuide AR maps app can show any foreign subsoil object buried in the ground such as UXO, toxic waste or historic objects preventing the user to dig at a potential hazardous spot.

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