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About this app
IllustPoser is an Android-only app that allows 3D characters to pose.

This app supports reading the following files.
pmd / pmx: Model file
vmd: Motion file
vpd: Pose file

Please select the write permission when you first install it.
If you do not allow it, you will not be able to open it.

When button is small and is hard to push
Press the "..." button in the video production mode and look at the DPI bar from the "Interface" tab to move it to the right for a larger view

How to make a dance

1. Select the model from the file selection by pressing the + button in the "model maker" mode
2. In the "animation maker" mode, press vmd add and select a motion from the file selection
3. Start playback by pressing the button in Animation maker mode
4. For the camera motion, press the part where the model name is displayed in the "model maker" mode, select "camera / lighting", and perform the operations 2 and 3

How to register accessories
1. Load accessories as models
2. Select the model where you want to put the accessories
3. Select the bones of the model
4. Register accessories with the accessory registration button

I want to change the expression of the motion and play
1. Press the "Timeline" button in "Animation production" to open the window and select frame 0.
2. Change the expression etc. in "pose creation"
3. Press the Register Pose button in Animation Production to register the current pose to frame 0.
4.Press the play button to play

When the operation is wrong
It may be fixed by deleting the setting data.
Delete "MMDAgent / save.dat" in SD or internal storage.

corresponding file

Stage file (pmd / pmx / x / lwo / zip)
Model file (pmd / pmx / x / lwo / zip)
VMD file (vmd / zip)
Music file (wav / mp3)
Pose file (vpd / zip)

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