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This App uses the light sensor in your phone to calculate aperture and shutter speed.
- Assign an ISO value by dragging up or down on the value
- Assign a correction value by dragging the bottom slider if neccessary (varies by phone)
- Value hold: Press the white sphere once (beep), then hold phone where you want to measure, wait for double beep. The value will stay then frozen until you press the sphere again (beep). Good for overhead measurement or when it's very bright so you can't see your screen. Measure near your target in difficult lighting situations.
- The last ring you rotated stays frozen, so if the lighting changes, the other one rotates.
- If you change ISO, both rings get unfrozen, an algorithm then tries to optimize exposure values.
- The app is free.

Important note: on first run, you can see the actual graphics and labels getting created for your very own screen resolution, which takes a couple seconds. Once drawing is complete, those files wil be saved. No, this will not happen on every start :-)

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