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Run this app named Planet Energy - Battery Saver or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

Planet Energy saves battery power and provides useful tools for your convenience.

Disclaimer: This is the first tool in the universe toolkit and is still in beta.

Your FREE battery saver, which automatically works in the background.

How does Planet Energy work?
Currently the App only focuses on the background service aspect and closes and manages apps in the background. It dozes unused apps and keeps push messages from WhatsApp or other messaging apps still alive. The app also monitors the battery usage and stops system services. The WiFi and Bluetooth states are getting adjusted and some of the Android Configs are gettings changed.

Implemented Functions:
Background Saver Service
-saves about 80 minutes of battery life each charge.(Tested on an Samsung Galaxy Note 8)
-automatic app monitor and force closer
-faster state switch and android config optimizer
Ampere and Voltage limiter and Booster
-faster Charging times(increases CPU speed on some devices)
-slower Discharge times (comes in cost for some CPU power)

Planned Functions:

Root Mode (More functionality and personalisation)
Graphs&Statistics (Usage/App discharge)
Customization (switches) for all the different functions
Aggressive Doze (in progress)

I planned on adding the ads for a free experience in cost of some ads. You can disable these though through the premium button located on the right upper side by watching and 30 second Ad which disables them for 1 week. You won't need to open the app again in that period though due to the automatic service which manages all the tasks in the current version of the app.

I'm just a single developer and would apriciate feedback and suggestions in the beta period. Thank you very much!

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