Pregnancy, childbirth, child development, mother.

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Are you looking for a professional childbirth app to get advice from specialists in pregnancy? Do you want a powerful app that can let you learn everything about birthing? Welcome to the parent application "Pregnancy, childbirth, child development, mother" by week! All about child development and childbirth are ready for you now!

"Pregnancy, childbirth, child development" is one of the best apps for future mothers, with amazing functionalities and good interaction design. It provides detailed information about pregnancy including: how the pregnancy develops by the week, possible risks, pregnancy management, recommendations and advice to future mothers, the most important childbirth questions and the most accurate answers to them. Join our new childbirth calendar app, and get to know the most important thing about child development.

Discover our new expecting baby app, and never miss any further information. It has various features that will enhance your experience. You can explore the detailed pregnancy calendar including pregnancy for weeks with photos and videos from 1 week of to 42 weeks, symptoms and stages, health, labor, and diet for an amazing experience. You wont regret downloading our child development and pedagogy app.

How to determine the week of pregnancy? - This issue occurs among newly-pregnant women one of the first. Especially if this is the first pregnancy, then with the definition of terms, there can be a lot of confusion. A gynecologist calls you one term, an ultrasound specialist can determine a little different, and you know for sure that they do not coincide with the present. And why does such a discrepancy arise every time? We will help you to understand this simple but important issue. More or less accurately, knowing the present term of pregnancy is necessary in order to understand what processes occur with the organisms of the future mother and child, and on the basis of these data, doctors will make their conclusions about the norms of pregnancy development. The gestation period can be gestational and obstetric, between which there is always a difference of two weeks. In addition, often the medical calculations do not coincide with reality, which also has various explanations.

In the section Development of pregnancy by week, you will learn how with each next week of pregnancy there will be tremendous changes! Many of them will be visible to the eyes of others, you will only be able to feel some of them "on your own skin," but the most important, the most mysterious and incomprehensible processes are hidden for all ... Scientists have been observing the birth and development of a new life for many centuries, but still cannot comprehend all of its secrets and do not stop marveling at the great miracle! To lead a pregnancy for weeks will be your doctor to observe the norms of the development of the baby and for the well-being of your health for the entire term. The same thing is useful for the future mother herself: you will not only understand at what stage of development your child is in a particular week of childbearing but also be able to ask the doctor questions you are interested in your own well-being. Obstetricians say that the average pregnancy lasts 40 weeks. But most births occur between 38 and 42 weeks. Also, there is an opportunity set up the contractions counter.

In our appendix, we have singled out a separate chapter on the upbringing of children. In it, you will find a lot of practical advice from doctors, obstetricians, pediatricians, and psychologists. We will tell everything about the pros and cons of finding a child in a kindergarten. All the intricacies of vaccinations, which exist for and against. Allergy types before school age and older.

- Children under 3 years old
- Children 3-7 years old
- Children older than

Be healthy and healthy for your family!

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