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Soul is a musical genre that emerged in the late 50's in the African-American community when gospel music joins the rhythm.
To this day, Sam Cooke, James Brown, Aretha Franklin and Al Green are still considered the best and most representative artists, their influence is such that has reached singers like Mariah Carey or Prince. The catchy rhythms, accented by palms and extemporaneous body movements, are an important element of the soul songs. Other characteristics are the call and response between the soloist and the chorus, and especially the tense and worked vocal sound. All these songs you will enjoy uninterruptedly in this app of Soul music online hd where you can listen to the best Soul for free from its origins to the present day. In the evangelical churches of Georgia, Philadelphia or Mississippi were the true geniuses artists of this gospel music so caraceteristica.
Soul was the seed for dance music in the whole world and speaks, almost always, of making community. The Soul songs jumped from the churches to the street and from there to the premises where there was a piano or a stage, becoming the best work outlet in the 50s and 60s for any black artist citizen who knew how to sing.
When the gospel left the church and got into the body - the black body - we call it soul. Thanks to our app you can enjoy the best soul songs songs online hd to listen.
Nobody doubts today that soul is fashionable, currently many artists are best sellers with the new soul, a style that still retained the most commercial r'n'b rampages also showed an absolute respect for the origins.
Download our Soul music songs online hd app and start enjoying the best artists of gospel music, rhythm and r'n'b music. Without further ado, here is our selection of the best themes of soul music artists in history.

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