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It is just a demo template application for restaurant on Codecanyon.net with dummy photos and data.
Developed with Android Studio & Gradle.

App features:

Material Design: Launch Screens, Navigation Drawer, RecyclerView with header on top, Floating Action Button, Floating EditText Labels, Tabs Layout.
Branded Launch Screen: The screen shows your brand while the App is starting.
Icons: A wide range of free Google icons.
Beautiful Animation for RecyclerView: Using RecyclerView Animators for some nice animation.
Bebas Neue Font: An elegant and clean font.
SQLite Database: Store favorite items and all orders in a private database.
Shopping Cart: Users can add, update and delete items from cart before making the order.
User Profile Page: Display all favorite items and all orders history with a human readable date using prettytime.
Custom Dialog Fragment Design: Prompts the user to add items to his cart.
Custom Toast: A clean and simple customized popup.
Google Maps and Locations: Google maps integration so you can show the restaurant locations on the map with custom markers.
Supporting Tablets and Handsets: Multi-pane layouts on tablets and single-pane layouts on handsets.
Flexible Layout Design: Allows application to adapt to all variations of screen sizes.

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