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2048 - 3D & Classic Free Puzzle Game

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2048 is a classic puzzle game. But we have improved this puzzle! Giving the original version a modern look and creating a 3D version of the game.

The classic version of the puzzle has a modern and clean design. Nice colors and small numbers do not distract from the gameplay. The tiles move smoothly and clearly, and the music helps keep you focused on the game.

In the 3D version, we completely abandoned numbers. The playing field is rotated in space, and the tiles form multi-colored columns. The more numbers are collected in one tile, the higher the column.

Puzzles are great brain exercises. Helps to train memory, attentiveness and improve human cognitive abilities absolutely free!

The good thing about 2048 is that it doesn't require a lot of training. After 5 minutes of playing, you understand the basic laws and you can start trying to set your personal best. The more you practice, the more results you can achieve.

When this game came out, 2048 was the end. As soon as a person collected 2048 in one of the tiles, it meant that he won and the game was over. But this puzzle became so popular that players wanted to keep playing. This is how the versions 4096 and 8192 appeared. There are even games where there is no maximum score.

In our version of the game, you can keep playing and try to score the maximum number of points and set your personal best. 2048 is far from the limit!

In both versions of the puzzle, you can undo the previous action if you see that you made a mistake and moved the wrong tile or in the wrong place.

There are 3 color modes for the classic version of the game: Modern, Original, and Dark. You can choose whichever you like best.

Our puzzle works offline. So you can play any time you like.
Have a good game!

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