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Some of key features include:

1. Able to manage multiple law firms cases.
2. Able to handle multiple lawyers of the same law firms.
3. Able to handle individual assigned cases of the lawyer.
4. Boss timing can be managed efficiently.
5. Very simplified case registration process with multi parties system.
6. Lawyer can view court wise - Today's cases, Live cases, No date cases.
7. Boss can view Todays cases of the individual lawyer of the firm.
8. Can view court room wise Todays cases, No date cases etc.
9. Can be view the list of cases whom boss needs to be involved.
10. Court, boss (holiday, leaves) alerts in the next hearing date assignment by the junior lawyer.
11. Separate boss panel for reporting.
12. Case wise instruction message can be sent by boss to case handling junior.
13. Case transfer facility between the Lawyers of same firm by the boss.
14. Case transfer facility between the court rooms.
15. Case transfer facility between the courts.
16. Maintains complete 01 year day wise digital diary of the firm and very simplified view on the home screen of the app.
17. Very easy handle the multiple courts in the same system by the firm.
18. Inter Lawyer communications.
19. In app calling system ( for other lawyers , clients, other parties).
20. Very Simplified new case registration process.
21. Inbuilt system to upload the case files in PDF format.
22. Can upload the daily case activities.
23. SMS alerts can be send to the client about next hearing date.
24. List of the junior lawyers and case assignments.
25. Freedom to view the old dated cases.
26. Can attach the new court buildings by the firm.
27. Can view the court room no with floor no with the judge name for better understanding.
28. Client can view the case activity details after OTP verifications.
29. Client can upload the necessary document from Web panel after OTP authentications.
30. Lawyers can upload the lawyer profile picture.

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