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This application has been developed for personal, educational and experimental use by the author. Also, actual ffeatures, further improvements or changes in it are at the sole discretion of the author. It is distributed completely free of charge and may not be copied without the express consent of the author. It is designed for using with commercial robot Spykee (http://www.spykeeworld.com/).

The initials SICTER responds to the name "Telematic Control System for Robotic Equipments" on Spnaihs language. The first version of this app was used as part of the Final Project Master in Electrical, Electronics and Industrial Control, presented by the author in 2012 at the School of Industrial Engineering at Spanish University for Distance Education (UNED).
This new version includes some minor changes but essentially respects the content of the original version.

-SICTER for Spykee 1.5 (07/07/2013): Improve the previous version and adds the following features:
* "Exit" button to shut down the application at any time
* "Author" button which gives information about the author of the application and the various websites and e-mail of the author.
* Improved error handling in general.
* Small adjustments in English and Spanish language.
-SICTER for Spykee 1.0 (10/10/2012): First version, essentially seeking to replicate the robot PC software to use on a smartphone. This version was presented only for academic use as a demonstrator.

The application allows you to connect directly to the Spykee robot and control it with a smartphone to perform the following actions:
-Movement: forward, back, left, right.
-Access to, and exit, from the dock station charging base.
-Display real-time video through the camera that takes the robot.
-Playing the sounds that Spykee supporting himself on its PC software.

The operational use is on the same way that made the original software for Spykee PC but moved to a smartphone. The buttons are self-explanatory for ease use.
The host address and port must be numeric. The only ports are available for connection are:
-On local network: 9000
-On remote: 9001

-A robot Spykee.
-Knowledge user level Spykee original software.
-A smartphone with Android.

While this app allows access to the remote management web site, at this time is not available to use, so you can not use the username and password to access it, or you can not move the robot using website. It is expected on future releases to enable by the author's discretionality.

Because this application is an application for personal, educational and experimental use, purely academic, the author does not accept responsibility for the use of it.

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