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It is ut bl tht u r a nv wh jut wnt t mk a gd mrn n th audience whl making ur frt presentation r h. It l bl tht u are scared f tndng up n front of an udn, fng thm, nd thn mk a rnttn. On th thr hnd, t l possible tht you hv gvn a ubl h n th past, but fld mrbl (t least you thnk ).

Whtvr th tutn, th ft tht u nd m xllnt gudn n hw u n tull prepare fr a rnttn nd mk a gd impression n ur audience. It dn't mttr whether ur audience a mll group f trn r a vr mrtnt lnt.

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S, lt' gt started nd bm a mtr ubl kr.

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