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Easy Converter was created to facilitate the task of converting units and measurements between the metric system, used in most countries, and the customary measurement system of the United States.
Easy Converter is great for use in travel or day-to-day tasks, where we need agility and simplicity.
The application is available in 7 languages: English, Portuguese, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Hindi.
There are 12 types of conversions that can be made, from metric to customary US, and vice versa.
They are as follows:
C (degrees Celsius) - F (degrees Fahrenheit)
cm (centimeters) - in (inches)
cm (centimeters) - ft (feet)
m (meters) - yd (yards)
km (kilometers) - mi (miles)
m (square meters) - ft (square feet)
ml (milliliters) - fl oz (fluid ounces)
l (liters) - gal (gallons)
g (grams) - oz (ounces)
kg (kilograms) - lb (pounds)
kb (kilobits) - kB (kilobytes)
Mb (megabits) - MB (megabytes)

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