Legacy of Elaed: RPG (Free DEMO)

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Join the heroes of Raelynn as they journey across Elaed in an attempt to end the wars that have plagued it for generations.

Legacy of Elaed is a sprite-based offline RPG.

This is the free DEMO version and is limited to the first four missions of Chapter 1.



- Experience the epic story unfold across over 50 unique missions
- Classic RPG battle system adapted to mobile
- Gather new allies to support your quest
- Power up your heroes with weapons armor and items dropped by your foes
- Gain important clues to solve the secret of returning true peace to the land
- Unlock Hard Mode for greater rewards

Training Arena

- Face off against random groups of foes to earn experience and gold
- Gain powerful weapon runes to enhance your gear

Trade Routes

- Manage a caravan as it travels across Elaed
- Monitor your caravan condition and threat to earn greater rewards

Trial of Darkness

- Prepare for epic battles against legendary enemies to unlock unique skins
- Solo character and specific group challenges await


- Enhance your weapons and armor with gathered ore using the Forge
- Use illusions to change your weapon appearances
- Assign custom enchantment glows to your weapons
- Seek out gear of various rarities and qualities


- Unlock over 65 unique character skills by leveling your heroes
- Assign the skills of one class to another for increased customization

Character Skins

- Unlock multiple custom skins for each character by meeting specific requirements
- Earned skins can be carried over to a new game


- Enter the story archives to watch previous viewed plot scenes
- Read up on various lore topics about the history of Elaed
- Explore the Beastiary to see details on every foe you've defeated


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