Christmas Countdown 2021

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Experience the joy and excitement of Christmas with this fun-filled countdown app! The adorable design features a real-time counter that counts down the months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds to Christmas Day. Youll be filled with anticipation for the big day while enjoying special features such as a customizable wish list, quotes, a built-in Santa tracker!

Choose your favorite winter scene and countdown design to put you and your family in the holiday spirit. Once set, the screen prominently displays the time down to the exact second until Christmas Day.

This attractive and fun app has added features:
\tSHARE IT: Share the Christmas Countdown via email, WhatsApp, on Facebook etc
\tSANTA TRACKER: Stay up to date on what Santa is doing before Christmas Day!
\tWISH LIST: Create a list you can send to yourself, family and friends.
\tFALLING SNOW: Watch snow gently fall for a relaxing winter scene.
\tCHRISTMAS QUOTES: Read quotes that celebrate the magic and warm spirit of Christmas.

This enjoyable Christmas countdown app is the perfect way to put you in the holiday spirit. Open it each day and watch as the months, days, minutes, and seconds tick away to our favorite holiday of the year. Share it with family and friends so everyone gets into the holiday spirit.

The app features multiple wintery scenes including an adorable Santa Claus and his reindeer and sleigh. Even Rudolph is here to join in on the fun. Choose additional scenes such as a snowman, gingerbread, nativity scene, serene nature, and engaging graphics that celebrate the holiday season. Select your favorite color and countdown design to put you further into the holiday mode.

Keep track of your Christmas list ideas with this handy Christmas wish list app feature. Create a wish list for yourself, family, and friends. You wont have to struggle with remembering items or handwriting a list only to retype it later. The handy Christmas list lets you add your favorite items instantly so you can access it anytime or send it to family and friends.

Ever wonder what Santa does before Christmas Day? This app lets you and your family know what hes up to each day. Visions of Santa will run through your head as he completes his tasks leading up to the final day.

Enjoy the tranquil beauty of snow falling gently down your screen. This creative falling snow app is longer lasting and more relaxing than a snow globe, letting you experience the soft beauty of winter anywhere you are any day of the year.

Enjoy heart-felt quotes from people around the world that celebrate the beauty of this time of year.

Make this most of this holiday season with this attractive and fun holiday app! You will enjoy all the beauty and suspense of the Christmas season anytime year after year. And with your choice of buying options, you can experience the joy of Christmas apps free! Put this app on your wish list of Christmas apps for Android.

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