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[Operation Recommended]
Android version 4.0 or higher
[Operation test machine]
SH203 (softbank)
resident in the widget screen registered
Character is displayed in random of your favorite message (about 1 hour each update)
Notepad you have to minimize the function
---- Feature Overview ----
basic is "sheep" icon, but a previously captured by the camera, your family, pets, and friends, etc.
If pictures of, I will wait in the original icon of two ways.
(Usually photographic images can be found in the "DCIM" folder in Android)
Complement: the "DCIM" is short for "Digital Camera IMages"
1) cut round part of a photographic image (face part), I was prepared in this app
You will be able to dress a character costume.
costume mainly zodiac illustrations has been saved.

2) If the cut operation is cumbersome, etc., a photographic image roughly in the center
After moving, so you can square photo of rounded corners and use them there.

Through the multiple placement, for us to inform the costume icon short memo.
(Since the display order of the message is a random sequence is not accurate. You tell me to turn When you tap the character.)
icon after creation has been saved in the "WigePhoto" folder.

"mymsgMemo.txt file" will be the data of the short message. A line of basic text line as 1 message
Opinion you, but if you want to display a new line in one line if, will be the message displayed in two stages by sandwiching between the "@".
Example: [Kke What is it? ( ~ ) What was it] [Kke What is it? ( ~ ) What was it] and I write a single line.
[] symbol, I am using for the purpose of explanation at equal manual. It does not fill in practice. )
"MymsgMemo.txt file" is an important file of equal application. If you if you accidentally delete, and re-install
I will need. Note: character code is "utf8".
order when it is arranging a plurality of widgets, the case but is the basic order of creation (icon creation order), which was repeated to create image of, deletion, etc.,
please understand because there is that sort order would change. After the case once placed
Rearranges requires relocation to the position of your choice.

Notepad function starts.
Production initially, it had been thought that you need not,
I have additional features for the user of any of the messages to be able to display.
Because it is a one-line unit limit message will short please.
The widget is for character (image) that can be multiple arrangement can be increased,
If the message require multiple display the, available in add new widgets.
display of messages, will be displayed at random, order is not accurate.

---- DCIM / WigePhoto / memo will be the base folder of this application. ----
Overview: This is the extension of equal application.
Originally was produced in order to edit a short message of "Kigumijji".
But, also supported minimal notepad function.

If tap the folder icon, move to the other hierarchy is also possible, "Android" itself in the standard
In hierarchy to file creation or the like in the folder is at stake is the security (folders)
Since there will, create new such file or folder
Please use the hierarchy below this app base folder (DCIM / WigePhoto / memo).

[About production]
his work uses a remix of the following work part.

Icon Powerd by Moe! Avatar manufacturers

Kigurumi image referrers [GATAG | Free illustrations Yun] URL: http: //free-illustrations.gatag.net/

Free Download Web
Toon Characters
vector free
Vector Open Stock

And I am allowed to use based on the "Creative Commons" license of the above companies like.

I am allowed machined part the image of their respective owners like.
new create or delete a new creation and deletion / folder of text files Please use on sufficiently was carried out prior to the test operation.
Update, etc. will be irregular, but I will continue to implement.

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Developer: (c)kokorico

Genre: Tools

App version: 1.1

App size: 3.1M

Recent changes: 吹き出し部分の調整