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"AR Mongol Invasion" is an application that you can experience overlooking the world's largest "Mongol Empire feet of the Mongol invasions" from various places in Matsuura City, Nagasaki Prefecture using AR(augmented reality) and VR. You also can get information of "underwater ruins" Takashima Kzaki Site and cultural property in Matsuura City. Why don't you install this application and enjoy the history of Matsuura City in the 13th century.
(It corresponds to the Japanese / English / Chinese Traditional / Simplified Chinese / Korean)

Mongol Empire Ships AR/VR Experience
The Mongol Empire ship will materialize in front of you through the magic of AR. As you approach it, you will be transported onto its deck and be able to look around at the scenery of the great Mongol Empire fleet. You can also walk around the deck. Please enjoy Mongol Empire ships that have been virtually restored with high-definition.
It is possible experience in the GPS valid outdoors
(You can even experience no matter where in the country)

In addition, you can also rotate and enlarge the 3D model of the Mongol Empire ship that was restored to high definition freely at hand.

Mongol Empire Fleet AR
If you hold your smartphone or tablet over the ocean through this application, the Mongol Empire Feet AR will appear at the 10 locations such as Takashima Kzaki Site, Museum of History and Folklore, Hatsusaki Beach, Imafuku Port, the Road Station in Matsuura City. Of course, you can take pictures. If you are on the ferry, you will be able to experience AR that rush the midst of the Mongol Empire fleet.

Ship Wreck Kagoshima No.2 Diving Search
You can see 360 images of 'ship wreck Kagoshima No.2' which has been buried in the sea. (You can also enjoy it using VR goggles)

Photos of Seabed Excavation
Here you can see a topographic map and photos of artifacts found at the Takashima Kzaki Site, the first underwater historic site in Japan.
In addition, you can also rotate and enlarge the 3D model of the Takashima Kzaki Site that was restored to high definition freely at hand.

Memorable Photo with Matsuura Matsunosuke
Matsuura City's official character "Matsuura Matsunosuke" will appear in AR 10 locations of Matsuura City such as Takashima Mongolian Village, Hoshika Joyama Observatory. Please enjoy taking picture with him. Matsunosuke's pose changes randomly.

Guidance of Cultural property
30 Cultural Property in Matsuura are introduced. There is a navigation function with the map.

Mongol Invasions Quiz
Mongol invasion and Matsuura will appear on the exam 10 questions at random. Since there are up to a difficult problem from a simple problem, please Good luck with the aim all the questions correct.

Use the listed markers on the brochure of this application to enjoy AR for a little more!

Feature of the region there Archaeological leverage business
Production : Matsuura City, Nagasaki Prefecture
Application development : xeen Inc.

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