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An application that uses AR/VR technology to allow you to restore Marugame Castle to its former state and experience its history. This is the "Marugame Castle Restored - The Marugame Historical Experience App." Marugame Castle still retains its stone wall, Main Keep, Front Gate and more, but it once consisted of twelve towers that lined the mountainside. The majestic figure of Marugame Castle as it would have been in the Edo period (1603-1868) has been brought to life in this application.
(It corresponds to the Japanese / English / Chinese Traditional / Simplified Chinese / Korean)

Marugame Castle restoration VR
It can be satisfied with former majestic figure of Marugame Castle by the high-definition restoration CG which was reproduced excellently to the stone wall which is the biggest charm of Marugame Castle. Wicket the Main Gate in VR, and go up to "Look Back Hill" of Marugame Castle specialty aims to Outer Bailey, appearance of Marugame Castle of Edo era with stunning high stone wall you will see gradually. While walking around freely Marugame castle, please enjoy plenty of your high definition restored the Marugame Castle. Then, safely whether it is possible to escape from the square courtyard!?

AR commemorative photo with people on the Marugame Castle
Appears in a AR historical figures related to Marugame Castle, Marugame, you can be a ceremonial photograph together. Some people of the sad legend in. That when you read the description of the person ...

Let's go around the Marugame Castle while solving a quiz
If you go to 10 places a quiz point will appear on the exam is a quiz about the Marugame Castle. While solving the quiz and learn fun Marugame Castle.

Introduction of cultural assets
Explanation of cultural assets of around Marugame Castle appears. You can also enjoy AR is Kaitenyama Ancient Tomb in the place that was a little away!

Appearance that popular swords "Nikkari Aoe" in AR!
Once it reflects the marker card in this application, that Sword "Nikkari AOE" of Kyogoku house treasured will appear on the AR to scale! Please take a good pose in hand the Nikkari Aoe!

In addition, you can enjoy Marugame Castle restoration VR and Nikkari Aoe VR experience with head-mounted display at the time of the event.
By all means, download the "Marugame Castle Restored - The Marugame Historical Experience App", please enjoy the Marugame history search.

Production : Marugame City, Kagawa Prefecture
Application development : xeen Inc.

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