Secure Wifi switcher (Wi-Fi Security /Prepaid VPN)

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Secure Wifi switcher is an application to securely use Wi-Fi anywhere in the world. By using the cloud to share anonymized data, we realize the safety and convenience of the highest level of Wi-Fi.

For ensuring safety, it checks consistency with connection data such as MAC address in the past, detects configuration change of smartphone or tablet network such as ARP table, verifies certificate, checks for unauthorized access point or for man-in-the-middle attack. And, detect or block direct access to the backdoor.

Also, for example, when an anormal device status is detected during a telephone call, in order to prevent eavesdropping, it turn off the Wi-Fi function immediately for a certain period of time to prevent data leakage.

It is an application that you can stay at ease with reduced power consumption.

It is also effective for Bluetooth vulnerability. When unauthorized access is detected, Bluetooth is turned off instantly.

We have started using a simple VPN service that can be used easily from 30 points a day. VPN server is on Google cloud, and Google's public DNS is set on client side, so Youtube viewing is comfortable.

Points can be obtained by displaying banner advertisements a certain number of times, displaying video rewards or purchasing items as items.

There is also a device management function, so you can manage multiple devices.
The available functions are as follows.
- Share points in group
- Distribution of common Wi-Fi settings, deployment of Wi-Fi settings with updated passwords
- Check status of each device (security / congestion / policy) in the list
- Use of VPN service

Main functions:
- WiFi switching according to line and communication quality (it supports SSID roaming)
- Wi-Fi security (detecting man-in-the-middle attack / silent install, Simple firewall)
- VPN launcher (switching of multiple VPN connections by WiFi, time zone, day of the week, country code, support mobile/ethernet)
- Enhanced VPN security
- Measures against man-in-a-middle attacks such as rogue AP
- Detect all app install including silent install and check dangerous permissions
- Simple firewall (Measures against backdoor. Detecting access to local listening port)
- Secure free WiFi auto registration (2557 free WiFi from all over the world registered)
- WiFi / Bluetooth abnormal status detection
- Public DNS and HTTP proxy settings linked to Wi-Fi connection
- Batch import(EAP (TTLS, PEAP, TLS, SIM, AKA, AKA_PRIME) is also acceptable) / export of SSID (CSV format)
- Automatic logon of paid WiFi (WISPr, available period setting, SSL/TLS limited mode)

[CAUTION] Google play developer service and commands of /system/bin are required.

VPN security enhancement of this application complements OpenVPN, this application provides the following functions to enhance privacy protection and security.

- Automatically turn VPN on / off
- Block communication immediately when VPN connection is disconnected to prevent leakage of communication by raw IP
- Confirm name resolution of VPN host name

Automatic logon is also supported by Hotspot authentication by WISPr. In SSL / TLS limited mode, it verify the server certificate and display the URL. You can block access to authentication server of URLs that do not start with https or that have impersonated a certificate. In the case of certificate with misleading host name, you can check the domain name from the URL, so it will serve as a clue to find the sender.

Also, you can start any application automatically in conjunction with the WiFi connection selected in advance on the setting screen.

If you have any questions, please contact @Task_Connect in English or Japanese

We added links of manual and QA forum in the application to the support column of the menu, so please feel free to use it.

There is no personal data subject to GDPR.

this software includes the work that is distributed in the Apache License 2.0

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