tag VoiceMemo - timer ,2x speed ,repeat func

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tag VoiceMemo is a voice recorder that can record for a long time with high sound quality and can tag it freely at the play position.

Even in such a long time of meetings and seminars, it is convenient easy to be able to playback from that position if to put tag.

With the timer-recording function, You can reserve recording by specifying the start and end time.

With the double speed playback function, You can save time listening to long recordings (Android 6.0 and later only)

With the repeat playback function, you can play repeatedly the specified part.

tag can specify the color, if the color-coded for each speaker, you can use it more convenient.

Other features

*Freely categorize.

*Confirmation before recording with a microphone test.

*Changing the microphone volume

*Display of record remaining time.

*PCM(CD sound quality) , AAC format support.

*It is possible also select the low sound quality mode (32 kHz, 22.05 kHz, 11.025 kHz) for those who want to prioritize the recording time.

*Record in the background

*Automatically pause if phone is ringing. and automatic resume after the call ends.

Share send the recording file.

If you are using a task killer, etc., App can not record successfully. If this is the case, please be set so this application will be excluded.

#system requirements
This application works on Android 5.0 or later, but some models are not partially supported.

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