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The famous and popular dating game Contract Marriage has come back with more high quality scenarios and avatars!
Lots of hot rich celebrity guys of different types, are all lining up for you! Get your own Prince Charming

The Main Story
This lovedating game will start from contracting marriage with a man you choose!
The big difficulty suddenly came to your peaceful life, with a huge amount of debts contracted because of the bankruptcy of your father's company. The amount of debt is about 50,000,000yen!!
You decided to take on debt for your father. But there was no way to pay them off!
When you were completely depressed, you encounter a hot rich guy and he suddenly proposes to you!?
Even though he was totally different from your ideal type, you decided to marry him because of his attractive offer.
"Marry me right now, and then I will pay off your debts. Instead of that, you will have to..."
The dramatic romance spread out into your eyes!!
"We are in a relationship of a contract marriage."
"Well, give me your kiss of 'vow'."
"Now, you should do whatever I say."

Hot and dangerous! The fascinating life with your contract husband will be started here!

Your potential husbands
Soji Shirogane
This sadistic guy is the president of a big IT company!
As a high class celebrity, he has to get marry to take over his fathers business.
Find the true love as a 'fake' wife of the sadistic man, Soji Shirogane!
Ryo Kurosaki
Such a cool doctor of a big hospital is here for you!
Even if he is a bad character and sometimes too forceful, he seems like he trusts you?
Start your love story with this hot doctor wearing a white gown!
Shinobu Arima
While working as an owner of a night club at night, he is thought to be the potential successor to his father, the famous politician!
This mysterious and cool gentleman knows how to treat you well.
Toma Saji
Keep the secret! In an undercover relationship with the famous idol who is at the peak of popularity!?
He is initially cold but warm to. Pushing and pull with him don't stop your heart goes pit-a-pat!

System of Dating Game
Carry on the story by using the scenario tickets which will be given to you every morning. (Japan Time) Lots of time-limited events and lovely avatars are also available! Decorate your avatar with a beautiful & gorgeous princess-like dress and make friends within the game to help each other for benefits!

Basically it is a free game. However, there will be some charged items which will help you to progress the story more easily.

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