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Enrich your Android contacts with information on your friends family : spouse, parents, children and their order.

For each you can specify of course the first names and family name, as well as the age (year of birth), the anniversary date, indicate whether it is a man or a woman, and if he is deceased, and more information.

All this information will be stored in Android contacts, existing or created for it. And you can add in these contacts all that you can add in the Android contacts, including information about their family, you might so do the genealogy of your contacts! If you edit a contact, the modified information will be automatically displayed in the contacts where it is shown as a family member.

And to remind you the anniversaries that you have to retain, you can view a list of your favorite anniversaries. But you can also view other lists : contacts with phone, visible contacts, favorite contacts, and also a customized list (selection of groups or accounts), and your invisible contacts ...

As in other contact applications, selecting a contact in a list, its data will be displayed and you can by touching icons, do a telephone call, send a sms, send an email, and more, view the data of a member of its family, or delete or modify the contact ...

By preferences you can choose, among others, to sort the lists by family name or first names, display first the family name or first names, to put or not to put small photos in the lists ...

If your friends have names with extensions, several first names ... contact applications rarely cut well for you between family name, first names and supplements, and you have trouble finding them in lists sorted by family name . To help you identify problems and fix them easily, the program write family names in bold , first names in italics, and supplements in normal type. In addition it will ask you to enter or change names so decomposed.

You will also have a search function, online help, and you can export contact selections in "vCard" format, and import contacts of the same format. The corresponding files ("vcf") will be archived in the private or public extended memory of the mobile, and "cloud" backup programs (eg Google Drive) may be launched by the export function, and may start the import function .

The information you have added or changed is stored in Android contacts, they will be then accessible from other mobile applications using the Android contacts.

And if you have chosen account synchronization options, synchronization mechanisms will pass some contacts changes or additions to other hardware with synchronized accounts (depending on the functionality of these mechanisms).

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