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The purpose of the game is to train making fast decisions in a given time.
Challenge yourself with others and improve your motoric skills.

For the highscore list you need a nickname. Please try to choose a unique one.

To practice, turn off the internet in the app setup and play offline. After you get used to the navigation start to challenge yourself with others in the internet.

The aim of the game is to reach the blue rectangle in a given time and get as much round points as possible. In the maze you move the "walker" with the cursor buttons. After you reach the blue rectangle you get a round point and start the next level.
After you reach the last level you begin at Level 1 again. So, continue to get as much as round points as possible to get a place in the highscore list.

To get it more exciting here are some extras:
For each level the time will be saved, if a wall was not hit. The average time of the last 100 players, plus some extra time will be the given time when you play this level again. If you play offline, this times will be resetteded after a new start of the app. If in the app setup Internet is activated, the given time for each level will depend on all internet players.

If you dont hit a wall, you get an addional life, but max. 5 lives you can have . If you hit a wall, you break the wall and you can walk through the wall, but you will loose a life.

If time is up and you have still spared lives, this lives will be transformed into time.

If you have one life left the walker color turn into yellow.

In a given time you must decide what is better, transforming all lives into time or break through a wall and loose a life to reach the blue rectangle.


There is a independent highscore list on the device and a list on the internet. In the app setup you can switch to the offline mode. Your score only will be added to the list, if its equal or bigger than the smallest of the first 100 scores.

These lists are divided into easy and medium difficulty.

In the setup you can turn of the boring background music.

Have fun.

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