Positional: GPS, Compass, Sunrise/Sunset/Twilights

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Positional is a free, open-source, privacy-minded app that shows you interesting and useful info about your current location as quickly and as accurately as possible.

Fastest possible location
GPS coordinates in various formats:
Decimal Degrees
Degrees and Decimal Minutes
Degrees, Minutes, Seconds
Compass that can show you both magnetic and true north
Sunrise and sunset times
Civil, nautical, and astronomical twilight times
Metric and US units: Switch units for speed, elevation, and accuracy
12-hour and 24-hour time support
Screen lock capability: Lock the screen on while the app is open by tapping the screen lock button in the lower right corner of the coordinates

Positional uses your device's "fused" location, which has huge benefits over simply using your device's GPS receiver:

SPEED: Sometimes your GPS signal reception is really poor, but you have a good cell or wifi signal. Positional seamlessly uses all of these signals to get your location as quickly as possible.

ACCURACY: Because Positional can use GPS, cell towers, and wifi to determine your location, it's able to get the most accurate possible location using any of those means. On top of that, it shows you exactly how confident it is of your position.

VERSATILITY: You don't need to have a great signal from GPS in order to use Positional. In fact, if your device has decent cell or wifi reception, Positional can use it to determine your location as well. This means you can get your location in situations where GPS signals are spotty: bad weather, inside buildings, etc...

BATTERY EFFICIENCY: If other apps are already determining your location, Positional can use that location too, so that it doesn't use any extra battery power.

NOTE: If you leave Positional running in the foreground, it will consume a fair amount of power, since it determines your location every few seconds. If you're going to leave the app in the foreground for long periods of time, I highly suggest plugging into a power source.

If you'd like to see an additional GPS coordinates format or have other questions/comments, I'd love to hear from you! Send me an email or create an issue at https://github.com/miketrewartha/positional.

Enjoy :)

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