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Best alarm clock manager for taking nap

Whenever you feel you are tired and having trouble focussing , take a nap. This will relax and refresh your mind and body immensely.

If in middle of the work you observe your eyes are getting heavy and tired, and you are having pain in body and as a result can't focus on work, you should take a nap and will see the difference in productivity and performance.

But if you sleep in middle of the day, instead of napping, it may affect your sleep at night which in return will affect performance next day.Taking nap is better because it saves time and doesn't ruin your sleep cycle.

Your productivity and performance is affected very much when you keep working for more than 4 hours without taking resting both, your mind and body. Napping can reboot and refresh you mind and body.

The app can set nap timer in less than 2 seconds. It is designed by keeping in mind the necessities for taking effective nap. Using nap guru is better than going in your alarm and then calculating how many minutes to set it. Not to mention how cluttered it make your alarm app after adding so many schedules to wake up everyday.

Napguru Vs Your regular alarm clock:

1. Set alarm in just 2 clicks and in less than 2 seconds.
2. Compare and decide easily which nap to take.
3. After timer set, see the progress like how much time is left, how much is elapsed, etc.
4. Keeps your alarm manager's records clean and uncluttered.

Nap categories:

Nano Nap: A nano nap is for when you are short on time and just need to refresh your mind or take a break from work. Most of the time, this duration is enough to unclog your mind from too much information or work load.

Micro Nap: Micro nap improves cognitive performance. Napping for 10 minutes or more can increase productivity and boost mood.

Power Nap: Power nap is a short slumber of 20 minutes or less which terminates before the occurrence of deep slow-wave sleep (SWS), and is intended to quickly revitalize the napper . It increases alertness and motor skill and therefore is most effective and the recommended nap.

Super Nap:Super nap helps you enter slow wave portion of the normal sleep cycle without able to complete the cycle. Its effective when your body needs severe rest. However, it may result in 'sleep inertia', where one feels groggy, disoriented, and even sleepier than before beginning the nap.

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