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StarClash: Armada Annihilation

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Hey Commander!
Our enemy is at our door step and we can't let that happen!

Do you master the art of war?
Can you find the right strategy to beat your opponent?
Are you skilled enough to micro manage your units and optimize resources?

Find out in Star Clash - Best RTS on mobile - and finally enjoy the same excitement of a good old PC RTS, right from the palm of your hand!

*** Highlights ***

- Play against players from around the world in real-time battles
- Plenty of troops to unlock!
- 8 maps to master
- Familiar card-based troops deployment
- Invent your own macro and micro strategies
- Collect and unlock chests to upgrade your units
- Delightful sound tracks and sound effects
- Amazing graphics
- Elo-based ranking
- Hours of fun!!!

*** Controls ***

- Drag and drop cards to deploy troops OR select a card, then tap on the screen to deploy it.
- Once a troop is deployed, you can select it by tapping on it, then you can move it somewhere else by tapping on the screen again.
- Double-tap on a troop to select ALL the troops on that same kind.
- Select multiple troops at once by holding your finger on the screen, the longer you hold, the larger the selection circle becomes.

Have fun and please share your best battles using #StarClashRTS

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