Game of Numbers --- 7 number games in one!

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Game of Numbers has fresh, new addictive number games everyone must try.

Our 7 number games are suitable for all ages to show off number skills and at times learn new skills.

Puhi and Pusa are here with you every step of the way, to play, relax and enjoy these 7 numbers games.
Improve your number skills and make your strategic moves to rule the puzzle kingdom!

*** 3 games to play at your own pace ***
Poke the Bear
Range Chopper
Number Crush

*** 4 games to battle it out, pvp style ***
One Step Away
Bingo 3
Showdown 7
Connect 4 Plus

Earn berry coins while playing any of these 7 games - no limits!
Then use your berry coins to buy/upgrade cards which earn you the power to rule the 7 kingdoms of the Game of Numbers!

Remember to complete quests to earn even more berry coins!

Brief description of each of the 7 games the Game of Numbers offers:

Number Crush --- We all enjoy playing match 3 games and as gamers we need more of them. Number Crush is designed to follow similar strategy but with number matching and merging at the same time. On the board you will have several numbers, you can add the adjacent numbers to merge. When you have the same quantity of adjacent numbers as the number you are aiming to merge, the sequence pops.
Try it out - its fun, its new and there is a challenge for you to reach the maximum number on the board. Brag your rights on the leader board of Game of Numbers.

Connect 4 Plus --- If you have enjoyed playing Connect 4 or Four In A Row growing up as a child, now is the time to play Connect 4 plus on Game of Numbers because a new layer of numbers on top has been added. There is an additional dimension to consider while dropping in the chips. The goal is to have your row add to 13 first to win against your friends with strategy.

Range Chopper --- How good are you at guessing a number between 1 and 100? How many slices you need chopped before you dial in on the correct number? Play Range Chopper on Game of Numbers and put your guessing to the test!

One Step Away --- This is a PVP game with a visual indicator to show how close you are to the number versus your friends. The indicators help you guess the target number between 1 and 300. You are always One Step Away from your friend in this Game of Numbers. Another original game we designed and developed.

Poke the bear --- A simple guess game but a rewarding one. Try it out in Game of Numbers.

Bingo 3 --- This PVP game requires a balance of skill and luck. The aim is to make 3 lines while outwitting your friends. Players are given one random board each and they compete against each other to make 3 lines first. Invite a friend and play in Game of Numbers!

Showdown 7 --- In the Game of Numbers, you get to collect cards and upgrade them to increase your ownership of the 7 Kingdoms. The cards you collect have 6 statistics, you can place your best seven cards in your deck and compete in traditional trump card fashion against your friends. There are loads of cute Puhi cards to choose from in Game of Numbers!

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