114 Surah Al Quran

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Run this app named 114 Surah Al Quran or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

Read Quran in Arabic Quranic manuscripts, every verse has been recited by Mishary Alafasy.
You can click on every single verse, listen to the recitation as a stream to your device. The recitation will continue until the end of the ayat. With audio control, you can pause and play. It is very helpful if you are learning to read and even for memorising. The app has an auto-bookmark on any verse you click it will be added to you auto bookmarks.
When you retrieve the surah it will automatically show your bookmark.
Once you want to reset the Quran to the beginning and clear all the bookmarks long click on the home page floating masjid icon and press OK it will reset all the bookmarks.

The app has night and day mode, also medium and large fonts to make it easy to read. Pinch to zoom in and out.
The screen is auto orientated to your device sensor. You can use landscape or portrait screen.

Every Surah starts with bismillah e rahman e rahim at the beginning of recitation, also if retrieving a bookmark it will automatically begin with bismillah and continue where you left off from.

The verse recitation indicates at the top of the page which will help you track your recitation by ayat. The verse border changes colour when you are following and reading with the recitation.

There are 7 Translations of ayat by ayat.

English (by Muhammad Asad)
English(by Saheeh International)
Farsi (Naser Makarem Shirazi)
Urdu (Ahmed Ali)
Hindi (Suhel Farooq Khan and Saiful Rahman Nadwi)
French (Muhammad Hamidullah)
Dutch (Abu Rida Muhammad ibn Ahmad ibn Rassoul)
(provided by https://alquran.cloud/)

It is important to say that the app needs a wifi connection only to play the audio files as well as the translation text. But the uthmani quranic manuscripts do not need the internet/wifi connection. You can read the Holy Quran and get the benefit of the other app functions without wifi connection.

The size of this app is very small.

For use of this application make dua for all Muslims and the ummah.

I want to thank my family, my parents, my brothers and sisters and Mr Saj Rauf for the support.

"May God reward you [with] goodness."

Run or download 114 Surah Al Quran using our android online emulator from ApkOnline.net