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The official UFO Insight app. Now you can stay up to date even easier. UFO Insight discusses, analyzes and looks deeper into stories related to conspiracy theories, UFOs, aliens and the supernatural.

All of the facts and accounts. You make up your own mind.

All of our stories are impartial, in-depth and written by expert authors who have decades of experience in these fields of discussion. Our stories are never shallow or short, they are well-researched long-reads and discuss each topic in great detail.

Examples of the UFO cases covered include; Roswell, Fort Monmouth, The Rendlesham Forest Incident, The Battle of Los Angles - just to name a few. Also covered are abduction cases such as Travis Walton and Betty and Barney Hill.

Also included are studies analyzing many popular conspiracy theories such as; The Philadelphia Experiment, The Reptilian Theory, Aliens on The Moon, The Jesus Conspiracy and hundreds more.

The studies mentioned above only name a few of the most famous. Also covered are hundreds of less-well-known stories with user accounts, quotes, videos, and images. We have over 500 cases published available within the app. We also publish a long-form case study every Sunday.

UFO Insight is a treasure-trove of information and discussion waiting to be discovered. If you're just heading down the rabbit hole then this is the app for you.

We hope you enjoy the articles and the thought-provoking content we publish.

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