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Our goal is to reinvent affiliate marketing by using blockchain technology in order to accurately attribute and trace every individual click in affiliate marketing. Our platform enables anybody to start an agreement in affiliate marketing directly with a counterparty without a middleman involved.
Our platform features an exceptional and highly diverse functional integration, making it the most secure decentralized app today.
CubeBit 2.0 Affiliate represents the next generation of affiliate marketing as it brings a world-class platform with a high-performance engine that is simple, transparent, trustworthy, instant, and scalable. Through its blockchain advancements, effective marketing strategies and non-stop innovations are created for a remarkable digital user experience.
Our mission
Our objective is to provide an advanced and sophisticated Affiliate Marketing for a secure, stable and scalable reward earning based system. Designed for users who are eager to generate guaranteed returns through effective marketing strategies, CubeBit 2.0 Affiliate presents the number one leverage marketing utilised platform.
Our Vision
We are a trusted and stable affiliate marketing platform in the world with novel marketing blockchain technologies for users all over the globe.
Advanced leverage marketing strategies features are integrated within CubeBit 2.0 Affiliates enterprise-grade ecosystem, ensuring that users can get the most extensive opportunities and rewards.We also develop and substantiate our standing as the front end solutions leader in the affiliate marketing community.
CubeBit Affiliate created a completely new approach by offering the safest and rewarding Affiliate Program. Every registered affiliate can participate in the whole ecosystem by inviting, playing ,learning and shopping . It works as an invitation program after registration and creation of active accounts the user's invited referrals can instantly get rewards from the company according to the Affiliate Pay Plan from our affiliate software. Each registered affiliate of CubeBit platform can find a unique referral link in his/her account. Users can use referral links at the user's own discretion to promote business among the user's prospects over the internet and others by using our software services.
Cubebit Affiliate proves a complete software solution that you purchase on a pay-as-you-go-basis from a cloud service provider based on the user's plans to grow and use the platform and its services (10 % Direct Referral Reward, Matching Cycle Reward up to 25%, Leadership Rewards up 30% and Unilevel Rewards ).

We have four main packages: Free Package, Lite Package, Elite Package, Premiere Package, Prestige Package. Users when subscribed to any of these packages receive a wide range of rewards and benefits.

Direct Referrals

By using our software functionalities, when the user sponsors someone and purchases an Affiliate Package or Play Credit, you will earn 10% from all the Reward Points (RP) and Play Credit (PC).

Leadership Rewards

Leadership Bonus system created to reward users for their excellence in the platform. This will be based on the number of cycles a user completes. All members above Elite are eligible to claim leadership rewards from Flushout & Jackpot according to their ranking starting from 1 Star Sathoshi to 21M Club.

The Leadership rewards will be based on the total Company Points Flush Out . A portion of 40% from the flush out will be distributed to Leadership Ranks as rewards.

Matching Rewards

Cycle Matching Bonus refers to accumulated Reward Points from the user's Left and Right Team and it determines the percentage of the user's Pay Cycle that depends on the user's affiliate package. It consists of Pay Cycle Rewards,

Once the maximum cap is met in each cycle it automatically transfers to the next and it will continue as a rotation.

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