PhysicalBase Destraction:Just breaking

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It is a game just to tap the screen, skip the ball, break the object.

Why do not you try breaking it at once in aiming for a place that is easily destroyed?
Or will you try breaking little by little?

Please hit the balls in various places and try out various ways of breaking.

Some way to break based on physical calculation.
You can enjoy destruction for a long time if you break it from the top of the object.
If you break down from the bottom, you will be able to see how it collapses at once.

There is neither clear nor goal in this game.
It's just a game of skipping the ball and looking at the broken object.

Finally, the number of bullets fired and the number of broken pieces are displayed.
With fewer ball firing counts, earning a lot of debris is another way of enjoying it.

12 kinds of stages are prepared.
Since any stage can break the object to pieces shattered, please try on stress release.

About authority
You will be asked for permission when launching the application.
Access to storage
It is used to save game data.
Access to location information
It is used for advertisement display.

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