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Extremely easy-to-use, quick, and versatile. This app helps you count points in board games, card games, and so much more! Never lose track of a player's score. Updated at least once a week, with frequently added built-in trackers and the ability to create your own trackers!

This app comes with built-in score trackers for games including Cribbage, Euchre, and more. If you don't find what you're looking for you can create your own! Create an initiative manager for your favourite RPG that displays the most important information for each player - you get to choose what to track and what to display!

Pro users also get the following tools:
- Save which player is the current one for each game session, even when the game is exited or a different session is selected
- Randomly select a player for choosing who should start the game, breaking ties, or whatever you choose
- (Coming Soon) Roll sets of dice
- (Coming Soon) Timers

For simple score keepers that don't come included, you can use the in-app system for making your own. If you have an idea for a counter that should be included, or an idea for a feature that should be included as a possibility for a custom counter, leave a review or send me an e-mail. The built-ins are limited only by what you and I think of.

Once you've selected or created the appropriate point or score keeper, you can create a game session for it, fill the session with players, and start keeping score! Every session is saved, so you also get a history of all of the games you've logged, and you can compare scores with your friends and family over time.

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