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You will have at your disposal the best recipes of Indian cuisine, easy, fast and tasty for the whole family explained step by step and surprise your guests with delicious recipes and most importantly all their secrets to make it as if you were a real chef.
In addition, this application will be subject to a constant update, so it will echo the latest culinary novelties in Indian cuisine recipes. But always that they conform to our motto: Simple, tasty and effective ideas.
The most important ingredients used in Indian cuisine are rice, atta, a special type of whole wheat flour with which bread is made, and at least five dozen varieties of legumes. The most important is the chana (chickpea), as well as the toor (Indian chickpea), the urad (black lentil) and the mung (green soybean).
Spicy flavors, exotic ingredients, some spice and a traditional stew style, have made Indian cuisine one of the most appreciated all over the world.
The most important condiments used in the kitchen of India are Chile, the black mustard seed called rai, cumin, turmeric, fenugreek, ginger, coriander or coriander and asafetida (hing), sometimes saffron. Vinegar, jelly and cheese are also added, essential for the creation of the typical dish of the area as well.
There are some very famous spice mixtures in Indian cuisine, among them garam masala which is a mixture of five or more spices, which is generally cardamom, saffron, cinnamon and cloves. Some leaves are commonly used as laurel, coriander herb and mint leaves. Another mixture of spices is the tandoori masala, to season the black salt is very typical.

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