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We all have moments in the classroom where the dryness and the boredom of the lecture is too overwhelming to carry on. In such moments as these, we resort to the classics, the tried and tested games of the classroom. We play TicTacToe. But then again, TicTacToe doesn't really cut it any more. The constant draws and predetermined outcomes just add to the already dreary and dreadful atmosphere in the classroom.

Say no more fam! Introducing SuTicTacToe, the TicTacToe for superusers. SuTicTacToe revitalises the classroom tradition of playing exes and zeros. Framing it differently, it makes TicTacToe great again!

"Think outside the box. Literally."

Play against friends, on the same phone or over a local network.
Play against the built-in smart bot, if your friends are not in the mood.
If 9x9 is too much for you, there's always the option to go back to the classic 3x3.
Eco-friendly as it saves paper, pencils and pens, not to mention desks.

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