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The Swiss Kosher App provides information about food that is considered kosher and can be bought in normal shops and supermarkets. The criteria and the recognized authorities are defined by the rabbis of member communities of the IGfKL (Interest group for Kosher Food in Switzerland). On first time use of the app the user must decide which community he wants to follow. This information as well as the language can be changed by the user. The following languages are supported: German, French, English.

The kashrut information is provided by IGfKL, Swiss Jewish communities and recognized kashrut authorities outside of Switzerland.

Articles can be searched by name, product family or distributor. The app has also a bar code reader, so that articles can be scanned by their bar code. The following details can be displayed: product name, manufacturer, distributor, product family, packaging, bar code, weight, product number, hechsher a number of kosher criteria, ingredients. The app has a bulletin board, where news about kosher articles is displayed.

If information is missing, the user can take picture of products, scan bar code or enter text messages, which will be verified by the administrators.

The app is published by the Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities SIG and the member communities of the IGfKL.

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