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The mission of DoDoDo is to replace the scheduler, habit tracker, reminders, notes and help you save all important information in a handy application.

Create, record and edit your achievements and goals - everything is in sight and at your fingertips. Plan, tasks, goal list, notes, reminders, thoughts and ideas, instant and continuous access.

DoDoDo is loved for:
A glider consists of simple elements, everyone can create a task for the day, write a note or share their mood;

Colour scheme
Scientists have proven that calm colors are pleasing to the eye when writing, working or creating;

In addition to the usual glider, the application helps to keep thoughts and ideas in one place, keep a diary of goals, distribute each minute, as well as expand their own capabilities;

The application will remind you in time what to do and when to do it, notifications are available 24 hours a day;

All the necessary things at hand - we clean up the paper media, long live personal diary and success story;

Everything is memorable: what to take with you, buy from products, do not forget to make, who to call and who to meet - the most important thing;

Ease of use
All functions are collected on the homepage and are intuitive, allowing you to quickly navigate by writing a note, case or target.

The DoDoDo priority is to help you set new useful habits, achieve your goals, stay focused and productive, keep track of your progress and memorize the history of your achievements with 3 simple functions.

To set new tasks and learn new ideas - we can achieve a lot if we gather the whole diary of cases in one place. Write down new goals, plans, tasks, tasks for each day, to-do list, set time and complete the to-do diary, strikethrough them in an appendix. Set a time notice. And never look back, the future is ahead and it's perfect!

Creating and creating in your personal diary and notebook is all that's important in one place. You can write everything, even the most incredible ideas, goals and tasks! Notes are available anytime, anywhere. And colorful notes give color and importance to a new thought!

Results of the day:
Remember and fill the days with your emotions. Every day at the end of the day can be characterized by what it was like: good, medium or bad, defined by three colors - green, yellow or red. What is important is that everything that happened during the day was exciting and inspiring - here the memories will be stored forever!

To live fully, distributing every minute, keeping a diary, expanding your own opportunities, to live in the rhythm of ideas, remembering every day of your life, to be unique and creative, being completely in your own life - all this can be tried right now with DoDoDo. We assure you, the application will love it!

Free trial period - 7 days. Then everyone can buy a subscription. Tariffs:
Subscription for 1 month - 99
Subscribe for six months - 359
Subscribe for a year - 599

The subscription fee will be added to your Google Account when you confirm your purchase. To get full access to all features of the DoDoDo app, provide access to the Notifications and Google Account sections

We take into account all the wishes of our users, the best of which we are implementing in the application right now. We will be happy to receive any comments. Our email: i@hubus.pro.

Thank you for being with us!

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