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All in One Calculator and Converter : Most Popular Calculators and Converters. A simple android application containing the top and most useful calculators for our day to day life. Most useful application for students, teachers, financiers, scholars, engineers and for every individual.
This all in one calculator is available for free download and is packed with calculators categorized under Finance, Mortgage, Statistics, Geometry, Matrix and Unit Conversion.

List of Calculators and Converters:


All in One Numbers Calculators

Percentage Calculator : Calculate percentages of numbers
Fraction Calculation : Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide Fractions
Factors Calculator : Find Factors of a Number
Decimal Converters : Decimal to Hex, Binary, Octal Converter
Binary Converter : Convert binary to decimal, hex
Age Calculator : How old Are You?
HCF Calculator : Highest Common Factor Calculator
LCM Calculator : Least Common Multiple Calculator
Geometric Mean Calculator : Calculate geometric mean
Arithmetic Mean (Average) Calculator : Calculate arithmetic mean
Days between Days Calculator : Calculate difference between two dates

All in One Finance Calculators

Recurring Deposit Calculator : RD Calculator
Tips Calculator : Find tips amount for various services
Simple Interest Calculator : SI Calculator
Compound Interest Calculator : CI calculator
Fixed Deposit Calculator: FD calculator
Loan Repayment Calculator: Find monthly repayments on loan
EMI Calculator : Equated Monthly Installment Calculator
VAT Calculator : Value Added Tax Calculator India
Retirement Saving Calculator : How much do you need to retire?


All in One Statistics Calculators

Standard Deviation Calculator : Find mean, variance, SD
Mean Median Mode Calculator : Measures of Central Tendency Calculator
Average Calculator : Find mean of a data set
Sum of Squares Calculator : Find total sum of squares
Variance Calculator : Find variance of a data set
Normal Distribution Calculator : Gaussian Distribution Calculator
Correlation Calculator : Correlation Coefficient Calculator
Regression Calculator : Linear Regression Calculator
Percentile Calculator : Find Percentile Class Rank
Probability Calculator : Find probability of single, multiple events


All in One Matrix Calculators

Matrix Addition Calculator : Adding Matrices Calculator
Matrix Subtraction Calculator : Subtracting Matrices Calculator
Matrix Multiplication Calculator : Product of Matrices, Multiplying Matrices
Determinant Calculator : Find Determinant of a Matrix
Matrix Inverse Calculator : Find inverse of a matrix
Matrix Transpose Calculator : Find transpose of a matrix
Cofactor Matrix Calculator : Find cofactor of matrix
Rank of Matrix Calculator : Matrix Rank Calculator


All in One Mortgage Calculators

Amortization Calculator : Mortgage Loan Amortization Schedule Calculator
Simple Mortgage Calculator : Find monthly payment on mortgage
Biweekly Mortgage-48 Calculator : Find biweekly payments for mortgage

All in One Matrix Calculators

Triangle Calculator : Find area and perimeter of triangle
Square Calculator : Find area and perimeter of square
Rectangle Calculator : Find area and perimeter of rectangle
Rhombus Calculator : Find area and perimeter of rhombus
Circle Calculator : Find area, circumference, radius of circle
Polygon Calculator : Find area and perimeter of polygon
Cube Calculator : Find area and volume of cube
Prism Calculator : Find area and volume of prism
Pyramid Calculator : Find area and volume of pyramid
Cylinder Calculator : Find area and volume of cylinder
Cone Calculator : Find area and volume of cone


All in One Unit Converters

Temperature Conversion : Convert between temperature units
Time Conversion : Convert between time units
Volume Conversion : Convert between volume units
Weight Conversion : Convert between weight units
Length Conversion : Convert between length units
Area Conversion : Convert between area units

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