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This app has two "physics" sections, infinite potential wells and finite potential walls, and two sections for explaining the "concept" behind quantum mechanics in general. Each of the two main sections have two subsections. Infinite potential wells have two functionalities, increasing the frequency of the electron and increasing the length of the well. The former depicts the different states an electron could be in, and the probability that it can be found in a certain location. The latter depicts what can happen to an electron when the "well" that it is in goes under a sudden change. Finite potential walls also have two functionalities, when the wave has a greater energy than the potential wall, and when the potential wall has a greater energy than the energy of the wave. In the former situation, the reflection and transmission waves both are sine graphs. In the latter situation, the reflection wave is still a sine graph, but the transmission wave is a decreasing exponential graph. From the two sections that explain the "concept" of quantum physics, "What is Quantum Physics?" is a picture that explains quantum mechanics in general: it is a mixture of truth and intuition. "Jae Won's Dog" is a visual model that depicts what happens to an electron when it is given an input of energy. When the middle wall is removed, the dog could go to either side of the box, but we can't see it because of the lid. When the lid is removed, the dog could be on either side of the wall. This shows how the electron will react when given an input of energy. It can either stay in the same state, or change its energy state.

The Quantum Mechanics simulator is an app that aims to give people a straightforward introduction to quantum physics. People can see how a wave function looks like, and also see the model behind quantum ideas. It is still a simple app, only featuring one dimensional quantum physics, but I hope it serves an important role in showing to its users what quantum mechanics is.

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