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Hieroglyph Sweeper

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How to play
Press the button if the center hieroglyph is within the area.
If you answer correctly, the hieroglyph will disappear
If you make a mistake, the hieroglyph will increase.
The game is cleared when all the hieroglyph in the area are swept.

You can skip to the next hieroglyph by pressing outside the button.
Let's judge quickly and aim for clearing in a short time.

If you clear it for a short time, you can proceed to the next stage.
Let's challenge as many times as you want.

About hieroglyph
Some of the Unicode egyptian hieroglyph are used.
Noto Sans Egyptian Hieroglyph is used as the font.

Timing of advertisement display
Banner ads are always displayed at the bottom of the screen.
Full-screen ads may appear if you retry the game in the middle
(It will not be displayed unless you retry it in the middle)

Game features
Offline single play
Judge if the object is within the area
Simple rules and easy operation
Observation, memory and concentration training
Remember hieroglyph well
Play in a short time
Free to play

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