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Cards - one of the best ways to learn a language and this application is implemented for the effective use of this technique.
In this application placed 200 strong and irregular verbs in four forms, almost 1500 most important words of the German language and more than 200 idioms in the form of cards. Each of the categories of words for studying (verbs, important words and idioms) are grouped and placed separately and you can see each of them by selecting the appropriate option from the main menu. For convenience, in each mode of cards at the top of the screen placed letters of the alphabet, which are used to display the words that begins with selected letter. In the verbs cards, each verb is placed in the following order: Infinitiv, Prsens, Prteritum and Partizip II, which are separated one from another by paragraphs. To rotate the card or go to the next or previous card you can use buttons with the appropriate icons.
Below of the previous card button you can see current card's number and below of the show the next card button display number of all words of the selected letter.
In this version, there are two test modes:
- "Classic Test" - when you need to choose one answer from displayed variants. This test mode is available for verbs and important words.
- "Compliance test" - where you need to drag and drop appearing verbs to the appropriate time for them: Infinitiv, Prsens, Prteritum or Partizip II.
Each test mode has several difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard and Super hard, which differ in the number of questions: 20, 50, 80 and 100, respectively. In the verbs test mode besides selecting the difficulty level you have the option to choose the times of verbs for testing. When you finish the test you can see the statistics of your answers, where you can view the correct and incorrect answers.
Good luck in your learning!

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