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What's a firework?
- It's a device for producing a striking display by the combustion of flammable compositions.
- A spectacular display.

People expect a few fireworks during the presidential debates. Although we've been lighting fireworks for the last 2000 years or more, modern fireworks were only created in the 1830s -- so, what were they like earlier? When Henry VII had fireworks at his marriage ceremony in the 14th century, how did they look like? How did fireworks and the science behind them progress along with history?
Like many inventions, firecrackers fireworks were created accidentally and in the search for eternal life. Around 200 BC, the Chinese accidentally invented firecrackers by tossing bamboo into the fire, but it took another thousand years before actual fireworks came alive. As the story goes, around 800 AD. If you attended a fireworks show in the eighth century, it would be unlike anything we watch today. Paper fireworks were used to frighten evil spirits or celebrate weddings and births and were thrown onto a fire, not blasted. There were no added hues, so a "fireworks show" was only a sequence of small, noisy bursts. The chemistry was an incidental discovery, and there was still a long way to go. If you attended a fireworks show in the sixteenth century, the science would not have been much different from former China, but it was a lot more amusing! Now they are used for military victories, religious events, or royal celebrations, aerial fireworks.

The most famous fireworks festivals around the world are:
- Pattaya international fireworks festival, Thailand.
- Busan Fireworks Festival, Korea.
- Celebration Of Light, Canada.
- Malta International Fireworks Festival, Malta.
- Gunning Fireworks Festival, Australia.
- Seoul International Fireworks Festival, Korea.
- Fireworks Festival, UK.

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