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NOTE: This is the legacy version of Golden Retriever. We recommend you use the current version instead as new features will only be added to the current version of the app. To download the current version please visit this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=genics.umrysh.gr


To use this application you need to obtain a license key, it will not work otherwise. If you have not received a license key please contact info@goldenretrieverapp.com

To test out Golden Retriever click on the "Enter Demo Mode" button when you first install the application. This will activate your copy of Golden Retriever to use the sample dictionary. All data entered is viewable in real time at http://www.goldenretrieverapp.com/public and the most recently uploaded photo is viewable at http://www.goldenretrieverapp.com/public/photo

Uploaded demo data is deleted nightly.


Golden Retriever brings a unique and novel approach to asset data collection. We provide you the licenses and your employees are able to utilize their Android phones and tablets to collect your asset data. No need for an expensive, bulky machine to take from asset to asset.

Top Benefits:

* Live uploading allows you to have access to the data back in the office mere seconds after the employee clicks submit.

* Have your asset data upload to our servers where you can download a copy whenever you want and not have to deal with the hassles of setting up your own databases.

* You can have as many asset collection "dictionarys" as you need (These are the fields the employee fills in for each asset). When a new dictionary is added the user simply needs to select "Refresh Dictionary List" from the menu and the new dictionary will be available on their phone or tablet.

* GPS coordinates (X,Y,Z) are logged automatically for every asset and can be enhanced with an inexpensive Bluetooth accessory.

* Date and Time logged automatically.

* No limit on the number of pictures that can be taken for each asset.

* Data is kept on device until successfully uploaded. No Internet connection? No problem! Data will be uploaded the next time you are connected.

* Allow your users to search all previously uploaded data. Great for auditors as they can pull up the data on their own devices seconds after the crew finishes the asset.

* If your search results contain GPS coordinates click on either the "Latitude" or "Longitude" field to invoke Google Navigation right to the asset!

* Pre-load devices with searchable data. If internet connectivity will be an issue have a static version of your asset data downloaded to each device when they are activated.

* Create a new collection record based on a search result. This allows you to pre-populate many of the collection fields for your users so as to reduce human error.

* Instead of manually typing in a long asset number for searches you can instead click on the little camera icon and Golden Retriever will scan a bar-code for the information.

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