SOA and Web Services Tutorial

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SOA and Web services Tutorial
-with Share it Online Agility
Shrinking World, Growing Expertise. Staying in Pacific and connecting to Atlantic to redeem a service is possible with this cutting edge technology. This is one of the most predominant skills required in the industry nowadays in all fields of IT and this App lets you learn and practise it with great accuracy and speed. Business and IT can be entangled to sell your product/service/resource online to any part of the world with very little effort and cost.

Any Service is transformed into a Solution with Time to marketing advantage provided you learn SOA and know how to use it . This SOA tutorial brings you closer to accomplish this. The Demo examples provided makes you understand practically how to invoke these rather than providing a few words theoretically on how to use. The share and back up features are way too far to stand apart sharp.

The app covers the following topics with program examples
\t1. SOA Concepts
\tSOA Introduction, SOA Elements
\tService Oriented Enterprise (SDE)
\tWeb Services-Architecture, Implementations in java and c#
\tSOA Principles
\tService Contracts, Web Service Discovery
\tProxies and skeletons
\tBPEL programming
2. SOA Programming techniques
\tSingle Linked List using WS
\tDoubly Linked List using WS
\tPlaying mp3 song using WS
\tLaunching notepad using WS
\tListing all running processes in task manager
\tGPA Finder using WS

Unique Features
\t Share it to your circles within a blink of eye in a single tap.
\t Quick, speedy share via cloud platforms[GDrive, Dropbox] and Social Messengers
\t Possible to send via instant whatsapp, gmail.
\t Retrieve these materials not only through this App, but also in your PC's or any device using Cloud Backup Feature. Anywhere anytime access and get benefitted.

Programming Examples
These examples make this App too useful to start executing instantly.
\tInvoke a notepad with demo example provided using SOA Web services.
\tAccessing Mp3 Player and Task manager source code is provided
\tReal Time detailed example is GPA Finder enabled through Web Service.
\tData Structures implementations -> Singly and Doubly Linked list codes are provided.

Highlighting Features:
\tExcellent Explanations for easy understanding.
\tUnimaginably lightweight application for heavy concepts depicted.
\tComplex concepts are made so easy to comprehend to students, teachers and people in IT.
\tSource code available for you to try everything, Hands-on experience.
\tFrom the scratch, ideas and examples are portrayed well.
\tSOA Interfaces are platform-independent; a client from any device using any operating system can be used.
\tImproved information flow and location transparency.

\tSuggestions are welcome. Please mail: pugazh.cse@gmail.com

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