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Patrimonia, the Monuma app that gives you a blockchain expert in your pocket 24/24 7/7.

- Prove the status of precious materials, in 5 clicks by authentificating, geolocating, timestamping and storing files with proofs of integrity.
- Expertise and appraise value et authenticity of art and collections by a synergy between blockchain certificate and the experience of our certified experts (court experts).
- Appraise the value of belogings and goods in a house's rooms, room by room, keeping blockchain proofs of them.

Proof of existence
Your valuable objects deserve that you save their existence and their value in a certified Monuma record.

Proof of ownership
Your picture embeds inside metadata your ownership informations, and you can prove it.

Verify a picture taken with Monuma apps? Easy !
Send the picture via mail, a cloud service, or any other way preserving metadata.
Then, verify your pictures online with https://services.keeex.me/verify where you'll find all needed data: author, location, timestamp...

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