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The Fingercheck Employee Time Clock app turns any Android tablet into an instant time clock, providing a cost-effective solution for employers looking to invest in a company time clock at a low cost. Featuring GPS tracking and a built-in capture photo feature, the Time Clock app provides supervisors with the punch site location of each punch and a photo of each employee punching for verification purposes. Designed to function in a variety of environments, the app collects punches even in offline settings, and syncs with the online Fingercheck application when internet is available. For all-day use, the app can be set to stay awake at all times so the screen is always active and available.

While Fingercheck specializes in biometric time clocks, the app does not collect punches using fingerprints. Instead, supervisors provide employees with their designated time clock number and employees use the touch screen keypad to enter their number and then tap In, Out, or Transfer to make a punch. Supervisors can program the clock to display information fields like Job and Task so employees can enter what they are punching for. As mentioned, the camera will be activated and a photo will be required to complete the punch.

Our app works exclusively with Fingercheck, and requires a monthly subscription to our cloud-based solution. Using the Fingercheck Time Clock, you can have a time clock that seamlessly syncs with our solution anywhere. Whether you use it on the go or keep it in the office, our sleekly designed and user-friendly app transforms your tablet into a real time clock your employees will love using.

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