Facilit FDVU 2.0

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Facilit FDVU is a program for managing, operating, maintaining and developing buildings and properties.

The following features are supported in the mobile version of the solution:
- Select facility with text search, NFC or QR codes
- View task on facility, create new tasks, select task for more information, mark tasks as done and show associated deviations.
- Show meter tasks (in the task list) on facility and register meter values on these.
- Show deviations on facility with color indicator for state degree, choose deviation for more information and mark deviations as corrected.
- Global deviation list showing 30 latest events on nonconformities regardless of associated facility (created, changed, dialogue, uploaded document or created task on nonconformity)
- Global to-do list showing arrears list across facilities (based on your filter settings)
- Selection (filter) on task and deviation list.
- Uploading photos of new and existing deviations.
- Edit task and deviations. Change title, description, responsible etc.
- Download photos.
- Offline mode.

Offline mode allows you to work without network access.

As long as the application has network access, all operations are stored on the server and immediately visible to other users in the same customer.
Select the building you want to work with while you have online access. Related tasks and deviations are downloaded. You will then be able to work with these even if you move into an area without coverage. Offline you can rectify nonconformities, perform tasks, create new tasks and deviations, and upload photo's to nonconformities.

When network access is restored, your changes and uploaded photos will sync to the server where they are stored.

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