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The principle of double factor authentication (2FA) is to authenticate on a web application using 2 criteria such as: what we know (ex: a password), what we have (ex: a key), what we are (ex: biometric).

A password is simple to copy, or to force, or to guess, or to steal. However, combined with a randomly simple regenerated secret key every 30s, you can dramatically increase the security of your email / gaming / social / cloud accounts.

This software answer to this need and offers many features :

Easy to add account: Simple setup by scanning a QR code, "otpauth://" URL, or manual entry
Easy to use: Identify your accounts with predefined or custom logo & icon of your favorites services ! Too many account ? Use the search bar !
Easy to manage : Organize your accounts by categories. You can use predefined or custom categories (add/delete/rename, adding smiley)
Secure: All secret is stored in encrypted form using AES-256 and can be easily backup with your backup tool. Additional security can be added by using fingerprint or pincode authentication & inactivity lock.
Compatible: Full support for time-based (TOTP) and counter-based (HOTP) one-time passwords as standardized in RFC 4226 and 6238
Off the Grid: The app never connects to the internet, without any ads, and your secret keys never leave your device.
Offer different view modes for phone, tablet, phablet (portrait/landscape mode + various style), Day / night mode
Use your own icons or use embedded icons & logo of many services :
--- Clouds: OVH/Scaleway/Gandi/UK Cloud/ UpCloud/ Google /Microsoft /AWS /Akamai /DropBox / NextCloud / OwnCloud / Cloudflare
--- Mails & Socials: Facebook / ProtoMail / Snapchat/Instagram / Slack
--- Games : Ubisoft / Epic Games / Wargaming.net / EA / Blizzard / EVEOnline
--- Tools & productivity: GitHub / Evernote / TeamViewer / Discord / Twitch / Salesforce /Dashlane / Heap / Unbouce / GitLab / WordPress / Envato / SparkPost
--- eCommerce: Amazon
Support 6/7/8/9 digit token & sha1/sha256/sha512 algorithm
Available in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian
Designed in Europe !

On the roadmap:
Import / Export

This is the first release of EuroPass Authenticator. Please, leave a review and allow us to improve this software !

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