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IDynamics Warehouse allows you to optimise the different warehouse related tasks available in Business Central/Dynamics NAV by using a mobile device, with or without an integrated barcode scanner.

With iDynamics Warehouse you will have access to the required information at all times, even in places where there is no Wifi coverage, as it can temporarily function in OFFLINE mode (while performing the different warehouse tasks), sending/receiving data to/from Business Central/Dynamics NAV when the network connection is available.

Designed for Microsoft Business Central/Dynamics NAV, it allows to carry out the following operations:

- Receptions: iDynamics Warehouse allows you to manage the inventory entries of the items received from your suppliers, customers or other warehouses in your organisation.

- Put-Away activities: the warehouse employee can place each item in its final location after the reception, speeding up the task by using the barcode reader to select the bin code, item and quantity to locate. The barcode labels can contain (if EAN128 codes are used) information related to the item's lot number or serial number, if necessary.

- Picking: the warehouse employee takes the required quantity of of each item from the assigned bins, following the indications of the device, optimising the route through the warehouse. Again, the barcode reader will simplify the task of selecting items, and validating the corresponding serial and lot numbers, if applicable.

- Shipments: iDynamics Warehouse allow you to manage the shipment of items to your customers, suppliers, and other warehouses in your organisation.

- Movements: it offers simplicity and efficiency for the warehouse employee to make internal movements of items within your warehouse, moving them from one bin to another, simply by reading the required barcodes.

- Inventory Count: facilitates the task of confirming the physical inventory in a physical location. Warehouse employees will be assigned a selection of items and bins, and they will be able to confirm the existing stock by reading the corresponding bin/item and specifying the current number of available units, including the serial and lot numbers, if applicable.

In the following link you can download a guide with the steps and bar codes that will help you to test the application:

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