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Ender Dragon Mod - now you can know the extreme danger by meeting a new mob that appeared after this infection! The End biome has become even more intimidating as your journey takes you there, you will face a new enemy! This mythological creature is huge! He has big wings and a tail! He is very dangerous and attacks everyone. The Ender Dragon is not just a flying creature that spews flames, but he is the boss among all the creatures of the End!

You will need weapons and all your courage. Choose your favorite powerful gun, put on strong armor, one made with diamonds or emeralds will do. The adrenaline rush is skyrocketing! This is a fight for survival, be sure that you are ready to win! Fight and conquer! It doesn't look like Komodo Dragon or any other dragon at all!

Features of the add-on:

- Colorful texture pack
- Strong and almost invincible opponent
- High quality graphics
- Available for any version of the game

When you arrive at the End! It is there that you will notice the appearance of opponents. Try to make friends with him, but you will succeed in harm. Fight or just run away to escape the death of your character! It deals heavy damage, but its secret is that it only flies and cannot move on the ground!

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