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Ecological, species-appropriate animal husbandry, regional and more
The fundamental idea for this app was the desire to provide patients in such a difficult and stressful situation as CANCER with the best possible nutrition - which also provides enjoyment and therefore also a vital form of relaxation. On account of the high level of interest in healthy, very tasty nutrition which, at the same time, helps to prevent cancer, it has become evident that the app is also appreciated by persons not directly affected by this disease. The crucial issue for us is the quality of the ingredients and, of course, optimal preparation. This app is a constantly growing platform for recipes created by highly acclaimed top chefs, and it guarantees quality, sustainability, creativity and, above all, enjoyment. There is a clear preference for regional and seasonal products which are sourced from farms with humane animal welfare standards and ecological cultivation. Fundamentally, people suffering from cancer should eat in exactly the same way as people who are healthy: according to a varied and well-balanced diet. In individual cases, there are indications concerning which ingredients are particularly recommended, or are to be avoided, in certain circumstances. Generally speaking, enjoyable, conscious nutrition as well as regular exercise represent the most valuable methods for prevention of cancer, or helping to prevent a relapse.
In order to make the instructions for these recipes easier to follow, we have integrated various aids within the app. For example, a read-aloud function, video sequences of individual, difficult steps in preparing the food, as well as personal tips from the star chefs. Clear pictures also supplement each individual step of the cooking instructions.

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