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iNELS Home RF Control - Cloud (iHC) makes it easy to completely control iNELS RF Control wireless electrical installations using a smartphone or tablet. At the same time, this version brings you the ability to remotely control units which do not have their own public IP address.

Using Cloud connections is not a necessity. It is still possible to use only local access to eLAN as in the original application.

The application communicates with a RF smart box (eLAN-RF-003 or eLAN-RF-003-Wi), which further links to sub-elements from the iNELS RF Control product line and cameras. The RF smart box allows you to control up to 40 components.

The application brings you these options:
- Create a Cloud Storage account without having a public IP address
- Enhance security requirements in the form of authorization when opening an application
- Distribution of user roles
- Administrator (admin) - can set and control individual components, time schedules, scenes
- User - can control individual components and their created scenes
- Application Wizard for easier setup of the entire system
- Graphic interface with graphical switching between black and white
- Switching appliances (e.g. fan, garage door, blinds, lighting, etc.)
- Dim lighting (all light sources can be dimmed from a conventional bulb to dimmable LEDs)
- Control and regulation of hot-water or electric heating
- Combining multiple unit controls at once, scenes
- Assign cameras (iNELS Cam, Axis, or "mjpeg" and RTSP format cameras)
- Widget settings
- and more

ELKO CLOUD (the proprietary Cloud of ELKO EP, s.r.o.)
It is a tool for control via your smartphone or tablet without the need to have a public IP address. An email address is required to create an account for this bridge. User registration can be done when you first run the application in the setup wizard or from the main menu - Login.
For full functionality it is necessary to configure the cloud account also on eLAN.

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